Dog Licensing

The Franklin County Auditor's office is pleased to offer online licensing services. Ohio law requires dogs to have a valid dog license. Many dogs are found each year wearing a valid dog license, but the address or phone number in our records is outdated. In order to aid in the return of dogs to their owners, the Auditor's office provides a found dog search feature. It is important to keep your owner information current by renewing your license, updating your owner information, or by licensing a new dog.

Renewal Deadline

June 30, 2020

If a renewal license is not purchased by June 30, 2020, the annual fee will double, unless you have acquired your dog and/or moved to Ohio within the last 30 days.

Obtain a Dog License

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  • Purchase a new dog license
  • Renew an existing dog license
  • Update your address or phone number
  • Update your dog's information

Never licensed a dog in Franklin County?

Dog License Info

  On-Time Late
Spayed or neutered, or exceptions apply
1 year $18 $36
3 year $54 $72
Permanent $180 $198
Not spayed or neutered, no exceptions met
1 year $35 $70
3 year $105 $140
Permanent $350 $385

What information do I need to register?

  • Owner information: name, address, phone number, valid e-mail address
  • The dog's current rabies tag number (if dog is 3 months of age or younger, a rabies vaccine is not required for the purchase of a license)
  • Credit or debit card information

Found a Lost Dog?

All stray or lost dogs within Franklin County are brought to the shelter to be reclaimed by their owners.

Call 614-525-3400 to report a found dog (24 hours a day).

Dog Tag Search

Use our dog tag search to find the owner's information.

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