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Make sure your dog is licensed.

The Franklin County Auditor's office is pleased to offer online dog licensing services. Get a license, renew a license, and update your owner information - all right here!

Franklin County Auditor Dog Licensing Services

Ohio law requires dogs to have a valid dog license. Many dogs are found each year wearing a valid dog license, but the address or phone number in our records is outdated. In order to aid in the return of dogs to their owners, the Auditor's office provides a found dog search feature. It is important to keep your owner information current by renewing your license, updating your owner information, or by licensing a new dog. The majority of funds from licensing go to support the Franklin County Dog Shelter.

NOTE: The 2021 dog licensing deadline has been extended to July 1 due to legislative action taken by the Ohio General Assembly in response to COVID-19.

License Your Dog

NOTICE: Due to reports of delays in USPS mail delivery, we estimate a 2-3 week delivery time for a dog license after the time of its purchase. If you do not receive your license, please contact us at 614-525-3260 or by clicking here.

What information do I need to license my dog?

  1. Owner information: name, address, phone number, valid e-mail address
  2. The dog's current rabies tag number (if dog is 3 months of age or younger, a rabies vaccine is not required for the purchase of a license)
  3. Credit or debit card information

Never licensed a dog in Franklin County?

NOTE: Licensing is not available between 11:45 PM and 12:15 AM (EST/EDT) due to site maintenance.

Found a lost dog?

All stray or lost dogs within Franklin County are brought to the shelter to be reclaimed by their owners. Call 614-525-3400 to report a found dog - 24 hours a day.

Search for a lost dog’s owner!

Licensing Fees

On Time/Late Fees

Spayed or neutered, or exceptions apply

1 year license


3 year license


Permanent license


Not spayed or neutered, no exceptions met

1 year license


3 year license


Permanent license


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