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The Franklin County Auditor's office is pleased to offer online dog licensing services. Get a license, renew a license, and update your owner information - all right here!

Franklin County Auditor Dog Licensing Services

Ohio law requires dogs to have a valid dog license. Many dogs are found each year wearing a valid dog license, but the address or phone number in our records is outdated. In order to aid in the return of dogs to their owners, the Auditor's office provides a found dog search feature. It is important to keep your owner information current by renewing your license, updating your owner information, or by licensing a new dog. The majority of funds from licensing go to support the Franklin County Dog Shelter.

Thank you for licensing your dog and helping Franklin County #ProtectYourPal. You can typically expect to receive your license by mail within two to three weeks of the application submission. However, due to some delays in mail delivery, your dog license may arrive later than the normal delivery time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and encourage you to contact the office at with any questions on the status of the license.

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What information do I need to license my dog?

  1. Owner information: name, address, phone number, valid e-mail address
  2. Credit or debit card information
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Found a lost dog?

All stray or lost dogs within Franklin County are brought to the shelter to be reclaimed by their owners. Call 614-525-3400 to report a found dog - 24 hours a day.

Search for a lost dog’s owner!

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Licensing Fees

On Time/Late Fees

Spayed or neutered, or exceptions apply

1 year license


3 year license


Permanent license


Not spayed or neutered, no exceptions met

1 year license


3 year license


Permanent license


Drawing by Alice Brown – 4th Grade, Indianola Informal K-8

Me and My Pal

Request a Calendar

The ‘Me and My Pal’ calendar features drawings submitted by K-6 grade students in Franklin County and promotes responsible pet ownership through dog licensing. Request your calendar today by clicking the button below.

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Dog of the Week

Franklin County Auditor’s Office recognizes licensed dogs who live in Franklin County every week throughout the year on the Facebook page @mstinziano. Winners will be selected randomly and will be notified via email. For additional questions, please contact

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The licensing public counter is located on the 21st Floor of the Franklin County Auditor's office and is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.