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Below is a list of the dogs that we currently have in the system. Select the Update & Renew button in order to update each dog and / or renew their dog license. If no dogs are listed, then select the Add New Dog button. Once you have updated, added, and / or selected a license type for all of your dogs and clicked Save, select the Continue button in order to review your order and be transferred to the purchase page.

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* Dogs marked PAID or PROCESSING cannot be modified until they are processed this evening. Please call our office at 614-525-3260 if you have an incorrect transaction.

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After the renewal period, a penalty will be assessed for all dogs licensed that are older than three months of age and have been owned for more than 30 days.

You are required to purchase a license immediately upon moving to Ohio. After 30 days, the county auditor is required to charge a penalty equal to the fee.

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Disclaimer: Customer credit card information is NOT retained by Franklin County. You are being transferred to the credit card processor to complete your order. You must complete the transaction before licenses will be issued.

Refunds: If you mistakenly purchased a Franklin County dog license, or another error was made, please contact our office immediately. The credit card transaction may be voided, or a credit applied, as warranted.

PLEASE READ: Knowingly providing FALSE information to a public official is a violation of section 2921.13A5 of the Ohio Revised Code and is a misdemeanor of the first degree.

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